Retention Requires More Than Just a Response

ICE understands the importance of intake, lead conversion and just how competitive our legal marketplace has become.

We Understand Intake

ICE understands the importance of intake and lead conversion. ICE also understands just how competitive our legal marketplace has become.

It is no longer okay to simply take a message and call a potential client back. No longer is it okay to wait a few hours to call a potential client back after they submit a web lead. No longer is it okay for you to force them to come into your office to retain your firm’s services. The marketplace has changed and your firm’s view of intake and conversion needs to change too.

No longer should you sit back and let lesser lawyers sign your clients. It is time to get ICE.

ICE offers numerous services for your firm to best fit your needs.

ICE is an extension of your firm. When a potential client calls your firm and ICE answers the call, they will receive the highest quality intake experience. We have the most well trained legal intake representatives, following the best procedures, using the best technology; all to best assist you in signing up more clients.

Experts in Legal Intake and Lead Conversion

The founders of ICE are experts in the field of Legal Intake services and technology. Collectively, we have consulted with over 300 law firms focusing on intake and conversion services. We have implemented industry leading software technology and designed fail proof best practices to dramatically increase conversion rates. We have combined all of this expertise and technology to benefit the legal market.

We are industry experts focused on not only answering the phone for you, but converting potential clients into retained clients. What good is an answering service if you then need to turn around and spend countless days trying to get the potential client back on the phone? ICE will not only answer the phone, but we will qualify the potential client and even sign them up.

Our Technology

ICE is powered by industry leading technology.  Our technology takes human error out of the equation.  When a new call comes in it is automatically assigned to your firm and your case type specific questions and retention criteria are presented.  If the claimant qualifies, we employ our best practices retention methodology to produce epic results.


You will see and have access to everything ICE is doing on your behalf.  We record all of your calls and provide you with a copy of the recording.  We provide you with a transcript of the intake so that you can have a copy of the intake.